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June 2007

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June 1-6, 2007


Nevada Government

State Government

Nevada Legislature



Assembly, Senate legislators uncover money, approve pork measures (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

So-called 'pork' bills passed in final hours (Nevada Appeal article)

Agreement reached on compromise 'pork' list (Nevada Appeal article)

MAJOR BILLS (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Nevada budget highlights (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Legislative time woes: just human nature (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Money for prison projects approved: University system also lands funding (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Lots of hubbub, little to show for it: State's lawmakers started with high expectations, ran into budget realities (Las Vegas Sun article)

LOOKING IN ON: CARSON CITY -- A few drops of hope in a desert of cynicism (Las Vegas Sun article)


"Life is relatively simple when you keep your promises. And Gibbons did."

JOHN L. SMITH: After keeping his promise, governor can declare a victory for his Nevada (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

ERIN NEFF: Tell me it's over (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

"Wow. Did you hear about the tough new ethics laws passed by the Legislature? Of course not, it never happened."

JANE ANN MORRISON: You can lead lawmakers to ethics reforms, but you can't make them vote (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BEERS: There's reality, and then there's the version spun by the Vegas Republican (Las Vegas Sun article)

Jon Ralston on why nothing ever seems to get done in a timely or acceptable fashion at the end of the Legislature (Las Vegas Sun column)

NV Legislature finally done: Did Raggio tell a fish tale? (Desert Beacon column, Blue Sage Views)

Winners & Losers of the 2007 Legislature (Muth's Truths)

Blogging The Final Days

Doom 2: Extra innings (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

The word, around 3 a.m. (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Half past doom (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

And that's doom! (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

The hour of doom having arrived… (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Doom approaches! (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Doom? (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Too many secrets (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Transportation done! (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Republicans oppose Democrats, democracy (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

The Special Session

2007 LEGISLATURE: Special delivery -- Lawmakers pass leftover bills during extended session (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Legislature opens, closes special session (Nevada Appeal article)

Legislators rush to the finish: Work continues beyond deadline (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Special session finishes (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Governor Gibbons Issues Proclamation Calling for Special Session (Gov. Gibbons Proclamation)

Governor Jim Gibbons Calls 2007 Legislature into Special Session (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

The End Of The Regular Session

Last day at the 2007 Legislature (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Nevada Highways

Highways to get additional $1 billion: Ballot plan to raise diesel fuel taxes fails (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Silent for most of four months on the issue of transportation funding, they finally found their voice in the waning days of the Legislature this weekend after it appeared that Gov. Jim Gibbons had grabbed control of the issue. And they certainly couldn't let that happen -- especially Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus, still stinging from her electoral beating at the hands of Gov. Gibbons in last November's gubernatorial race."

Playing games on the road bill: Democratic chicanery holds up legislation (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Transportation Bill Passes Legislature: Legislation Headed to Governor's Desk for Signature (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION: Legislators land a road deal -- Parts of three existing taxes would repay $1 billion bond (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Democrats bid to boost road funding: Governor fumes over last-ditch efforts to open door to new taxes (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION: Funding bill hits a roadblock -- Las Vegas senators say compromise measure still falls short (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"They're not crazy about surrendering a slice of their property tax revenue, but Clark County officials won't stand in the way of a legislative plan to fund $1 billion in highway construction."

County reluctantly goes along (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Late deal on roads fails to connect: Only big highways will get attention with $1 billion finally scraped together (Las Vegas Sun article)

LOOKING IN ON: CLARK COUNTY -- State road improvements likely to mean sacrificing local projects (Las Vegas Sun article)

The No New Taxes Highway Bill (Muth's Truths)

Gibbons Chalks Up Another Victory (Muth's Truths)

No New Tax Highway Bill Passes in Assembly (Muth's Truths)

Spending Cap

"The Public Employee Benefits Program has an unfunded liability for its retirees estimated at $3.8 billion."

Legislature changes spending cap (Nevada Appeal article)

Green Building Tax Breaks

REDUCTION OF TAX BREAK: 'Green' construction bill sent to Gibbons -- Six projects excluded from change to 2005 measure (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

SIX PROJECTS EXEMPTED: Senate OKs lower 'green' tax breaks -- Measure must return to the Assembly (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

TAX BREAKS: 'Green' construction bill altered -- Change could eliminate funds for teacher raises (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

'Green' tax breaks will bite Clark County (Las Vegas Sun article)

Downtown developer seeing red: Jewelry center project slated to lose 'green' tax breaks under bill (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Problem Of Methamphetamine

"Lawmakers hailed the compromise but said more resources were still needed for treatment of meth addicts."

Bill limits some cold medicines to pharmacies: Governor has made fighting meth a priority (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Tax And Spending Control (TASC)

Taking Beers to TASC (Muth's Truths)

Tsk, TASC (Muth's Truths)

Miscellaneous Bills

JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: Prison reforms OK'd -- Senate panel passes good-time credits, judicial discretion (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Law toughened on sex offenders (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Lawmakers agree on $800 million construction plan (Nevada Appeal article)

Liability plan gets do-over: Vetoed tort cap paired with homestead bill in rare maneuvering (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Bill links lawsuit limits, homestead exemption (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Pushing for fairness: At issue is long-needed, modest increase in damage cap on civil suits against government (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Capping liability (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Pricey 'theme park' bill bobs up again, then is sunk (Las Vegas Sun article)

'Arena' bill overstepped its bounds: Lawmakers, lobbyists scramble to revise AB598 (Las Vegas Sun article)

MOST ISSUES RESOLVED: Session may beat deadline -- Lawmakers optimistic about finishing on time (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

WEEK IN REVIEW: Compromises make special session unlikely (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Legislature takes it down to the wire (In Business Las Vegas article)

The Governor Of Nevada

From The Office Of The Governor

GOVERNOR SIGNS LEGISLATION: Illegal worker bill passes -- Another law limits closed meetings for tax commission (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Payday loan bill signed into law (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Veto !!!

Assembly overrides Gibbons veto on grand jury rules; Senate sustains it (Nevada Appeal article)

Governor adds two more vetoes: Gibbons rejects giving agriculture officials arrest powers (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Party Line

Living for the moment: The governor will trumpet his personal success, but what about Nevada's future? (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Jon Ralston explains why Session Lite will pack a hangover (Las Vegas Sun column)

Jon Ralston on the power the governor - even Gibbons - wields in Nevada (Las Vegas Sun column)

Whose interest in mind? Governor's office listening to high-interest lenders who want to keep exploiting the poor (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Brian Greenspun on how our governor made sure we'd stay at the bottom (Las Vegas Sun column)

Jeff Simpson on the courage it will take to tackle a simple governor and a greedy paper (Las Vegas Sun column)

The governor as roadblock: Gibbons' dawdling and spineless tax stance places state roads at risk of gridlock (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Jon Ralston on Politics: Jimmy one-note (In Business Las Vegas article)

The Lieutenant Governor

Krolicki defends fund management, responds to audit: Ex-treasurer says law allows outside investments (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The State Judiciary

Judicial Salary Increases

Meanwhile ... (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Pay hikes approved for district, supreme court judges (Nevada Appeal article)

Clark County Judges Controversy

Cleanup deal is in works: Halverson, county discussing timetable to finish yardwork (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Halverson must go: Rookie judge has repeatedly demonstrated that she doesn't belong on the bench (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Halverson cooking her own goose? Halverson's appeal may have prompted an investigation (Las Vegas Sun article)

Lawyers opt out of judge's courtroom (Las Vegas Sun article)

Traffic Tickets

Judge handles tickets just fine: Drivers can avoid traffic court, getting points (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Traffic court referee tries to give motorists breaks (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Our State's Economy

STATE ECONOMY: State sales increase 4.1 percent -- Portion for general fund just misses target (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

TAXATION: BIRDIE IN THE HAND: Golf courses received $4.4 million in tax breaks during 2006, records show (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Social Services

Children and society suffer when nobody wants to pay (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Bikes for Tikes…at Taxpayer Expense (Muth's Truths)

Local Government

Churchill County

County taxable sales decrease (Lahontan Valley News article)

Clark County

State puts the screws to Clark County: $14 million here, $300 million there - budget pain adds up (Las Vegas Sun article)

"The United Way released a report on Tuesday that paints yet another grim picture of the quality of life in Southern Nevada, especially for the poor, minorities and women."

United Way report lists Southern Nevada quality-of-life challenges (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"A new study ranks Las Vegas the 154th best place to live in the United States."

GEOFF SCHUMACHER: Las Vegas still a middle-of-the-pack mess (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

Panel tables LV playground ordinance -- City attorney: Lawsuit could affect regulation (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

LOOKING IN ON: CITY HALL -- Tangle over Neonopolis ties up efforts to keep restaurant open (Las Vegas Sun article)

In Business Q and A: Sharon Powers, President of the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce (In Business Las Vegas interview)

Building in the boondocks: Marnell breaking ground on $700 million resort on south end of valley (Las Vegas Sun article)

Real Estate and Development: Office vacancy rate expected to reach 12 percent (In Business Las Vegas article)

Land office sale, Las Vegas style (Ian Mylchreest column, Las Vegas Business Press)

Douglas County

Growing Pains

Growth cap may get final approval (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Agreement close on growth management (John Garvin column, Gardnerville Record-Courier)

Growth rule back again (Gardnerville Record-Courier editorial)

"It looks like Douglas County taxpayers exist only to support government employees and developers."

County decides to pick all of our pockets (Jack Van Dien column, Gardnerville Record-Courier)

"That's because the study is conducted by the National Association of Home Builders which, for a fee, will customize a report "to get a project approved, or counter the arguments of no-growth advocates," according to their Web site."

Builders' study backs building (Gardnerville Record-Courier editorial)

Lyon County

County Affairs

Lyon looks to extend contract for interim Manager (Fernley Leader-Courier article)

Silver Springs General Improvement District

SSGID to consider standby fees (Fernley Leader-Courier article)

White Pine County

No Money

Lawmakers axe funding WP judicial complex (Ely Times article)


Corruption? In Nevada?

Another Clark County Commission Corruption Case

Authorities giving Boggs time to report: Ex-Clark County commissioner has been traveling in West Africa (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"When the case against her is finished and she's very likely convicted of all those counts, we can look back and applaud her for inadvertently helping to change the ethically sloppy traditions that have thrived in our local political muck for decades. Whether the charges against her result in jail time or just a good scolding, they are undoubtedly the greatest accomplishment of her overinflated, underweighted political career."

JOHN L. SMITH: Perhaps we will have Boggs to thank for end of slippery traditions (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

"Yes, the unions presented Mr. Roger with evidence he couldn't ignore. But shouldn't the district attorney and his staff now be obliged to root out any similarly blatant violations of the residency requirement, examples of mis-spent campaign cash, even political payoffs disguised as "pay-me-later" land deals?"

Wrong address (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

DEFEATED COMMISSIONER: Boggs charged with lying -- Ex-official's residency claim the basis of criminal case (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"The state's criminal investigation into former Clark County Commissioner Lynette Boggs has widened to include the unusual circumstances surrounding her purchase of a high-priced automobile last year."

More trouble on horizon for Boggs? (Las Vegas Sun article)

"Although Boggs is presumed innocent, we hope this prosecution is a sign that politics in Southern Nevada will be cleaned up."

Another corruption case: Charges against Lynette Boggs are the latest to target a former Clark County commissioner (Las Vegas Sun editorial)


Nevada Politics

National Presidential Primaries

Gov. Richardson

Presidential hopefuls plan trips to valley (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Sen. Edwards

Edwards caters his speech to Culinary workers' tastes (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

ERIN NEFF: Culinary holds golden snitch in caucus (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

Edwards sweet-talks Culinary (Las Vegas Sun article)

Edwards says he had all the intelligence he needed for Iraq vote (Associated Press article)

Sen. Obama

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS: Obama campaigns in Reno -- Stop comes day before LV events (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Obama's LV visit draws comparisons: Campaign stop comes on heels of Clinton's swing through valley (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Obama crowds thin out: Snapshot captures a campaign that needs to build organizational muscle (Las Vegas Sun article)

Obama digging in: Trailing front-runner Clinton, candidate planting grass roots in Nevada (Las Vegas Sun article)

Carson City cheers Obama (Nevada Appeal article)

Obama: Bush's environmental policy 'deeply disturbing' (Nevada Appeal article)

Presidential hopeful says it's time to 'turn the page' (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Obama strikes a chord with locals (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Obama's Biggest Little City Visit (Dullard Mush)

Obama Does Vegas (Jack Wood column, Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals)

Hiatus Interruptus: Obama’s Reno Campaign Stop (Reno and Its Discontents)

Sen. Clinton

Giunchigliani endorses Clinton (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

JOHN L. SMITH: Team Clinton continues to add Nevada notables to lineup (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

Sen./ V.P. Gore

THOMAS MITCHELL: Gore's new testament of liberal gobbledygook (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

State Democratic Party

Hungry for political knowledge? This event might be for you (Nevada Appeal article)

Collins Unplugged…Tom, Not Phil (Muth's Truths)

Local Elections

Churchill County

Tedford, Erickson claim election victories (Lahontan Valley News article)

City candidates spend, receive less than $10,000 (Lahontan Valley News article)

Clark County

MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: Registrar says turnout lowest in years -- Only 11.6 percent of Clark County voters cast ballots (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

ELECTION DAY: Municipal races in play -- Mesquite, LV, NLV, Boulder City conclude campaigns (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Tobler, Chandler win seats: Boulder City voters make some changes (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

DUI arrest sidestepped in race (Las Vegas Sun article)

Municipal election results (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

LAS VEGAS CITY COUNCIL: Barlow winner in Ward 5 -- Liaison defeats Truesdell by fewer than 400 votes (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

WARD 5 COUNCIL RACE: Goodman refuses to take sides -- Mayor endorses both Barlow, Truesdell (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

RADIO DEBATE: Ward 5 candidates give voters earful -- City Council election Tuesday (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Hastings captures seat on LV court: Attorney triumphs over public defender Avants for judgeship (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Robinson re-elected to last council term: Six-term incumbent beats rival in a landslide (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Holecheck new mayor of Mesquite (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Pathway paved with political mailers leads to gaming's door: Mesquite casino executive has long ties to operatives at Nevada Policy Group (Las Vegas Business Press article)

White Pine County

Hickman wins in landslide (Ely Times article)

Elections Past

Theory linking Bisch, Walters hangs on: Councilwoman Tarkanian's backers cite Binion connection (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada Education Matters

Higher Education

UNLV Dental School

Empire building: A shortage of dentists? Well, maybe not (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

LICENSING CHANGES: Dental grads find tough pull -- Influx of dentists to state makes it hard to find work (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


In the end, Carpenter heeded call of South: Community college chief denied interest in leaving (Las Vegas Sun article)

CCSN president's departure: Despite Carpenter's actions, university system leaders show commitment to the school (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

CCSN president decides to leave, take post at Houston institution (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The University Chancellor

Rogers' return paid off for system (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Public Schools

Failing our students: The unworkable No Child Left Behind Act should be overhauled by Congress or junked (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

In The Legislature

Governor Gibbons Signs AB 627: Education First Initiative a Proven Success (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Governor Gibbons Praises Passage of SB238 Empowerment Legislation Headed to Governor's Desk for Signature (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

SUCCESS IN EDUCATION (Gov. Gibbons Message)

Gibbons signs $2.2B education bill (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Board of Education bill tests GOP unity: Raggio suffers rare defeat on floor of Senate (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

EDUCATION FIRST: Schools budget OK'd -- Bill's passage clears way for other spending measures (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Education bill passes Assembly (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

They're sticking to the union: 'Extra' money doesn't go to the kids (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Vote on school issue resolved (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Victory for Home-Schoolers (Muth's Truths)

Churchill County School District

Teacher suspected of being drunk resigns (Lahontan Valley News article)

Clark County School District

School police chief accused: Union alleges official exhibited inappropriate behavior at meeting (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Seasoned educator can't get a bite in Las Vegas: Area schools say they're hiring, but newcomer finds otherwise and gives up (Las Vegas Sun article)

Washoe County School District

Local leaders must step in where lawmakers wouldn't (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)


Nevada Water Matters

The Developers' Dream: Northern Nevada Water Authority

Compromise would set up water panel (Associated Press article)

SNWA The Water Moloch: The More It Takes, The More It Needs

"Southern Nevada is currently caught in the grips of a seven-year drought, yet it still grew by 25.6 percent or 480,397 new residents in that same time frame."

Design-build to fast-track Water Authority work (Las Vegas Business Press article)


Nevada Health Matters

What Ever Happened To The Anti-Trust Laws?

Quest for medical intervention: Critics worry that insurers will merge, rule out competition (Las Vegas Sun article)

Psychiatric Care

"An agency that evaluates the operational practices of health care organizations has noted "serious" concerns at the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas."

Agency reviews LV mental facility (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

University Medical Center

Losses fell in April for UMC (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

West Nile Virus

Churchill magpie tests positive for West Nile Virus: First reported case of season (Nevada Appeal article)

Agriculture Department reports West Nile case (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada's Environment

White Pine County Coal-Burning Power Plant

Park Service opposes LS Power project (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Alternative Energy

Cost a factor for hybrids: Taxi companies have legitimate concerns, which car manufacturers should note (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

ENSIGN, REID FIGHT TO ENSURE GEOTHERMAL ENERGY FUNDING: Geothermal Energy Key for Nevada's Rural Economies (Sen. Ensign Press Release)

Reid, Ensign Fight to Ensure Geothermal Energy Funding: Geothermal Energy Key for Nevada's Rural Economies (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Mount Charleston Blues

Fish and Wildlife to review Mt. Charleston butterfly (Pahrump Valley Times article)


Nevada Utilities

Going Up -- Again

Increases in power rates now in effect -- One-family residential fees up 11.84 percent (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

An unfair advantage: Utility companies must stop using high-interest lenders as customer payment centers (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Sierra Pacific gets slight rate increase (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Telephone Service

'Gloves off' in Cox-Embarq fight for home phone customers (Las Vegas Business Press article)


Nevada Law Enforcement

$kindustry Regulation

"Despite a police report that linked Rizzolo to the new "owner," the City Council voted in April to grant Signorelli a permanent liquor license for the Crazy Horse Too. Now the council looks like a bunch of rubes. That's nothing new. The Crazy Horse Too saga has been making local politicians look like suckers for years."

JOHN L. SMITH: Time and federal patience has run out for Crazy Horse Too owner (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

County to consider settlement with brothel (Lahontan Valley News article)

Police Technology

STAR WARS TECHNOLOGY: Finding ways to zap terrorists' missiles -- McCarran among 'airports of interest' for studying weapons system (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Metro Police know who you are - or they will eventually: Technology, training give officers the upper hand in identifying arrestees (Las Vegas Sun article)

He'll Be Missed

Late detective hailed for cracking of tough cases (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


"Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick failed in his duties as a prosecutor by not telling Darren Mack during conversations they had while he was on the run in Mexico that he was represented by lawyers, a judge ruled Friday."

Judge: Mack's confession can't be used (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Gammick blasts Mack rulings (Associated Press article)

Judge chides DA's office as being ‘lackadaisical' (Ely Times article)

Ex-prosecutor accused of helping murderer defraud grandmother (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Our Beautiful Region

Southern Nevada's New Park

IN DEPTH: Las Vegas history springs to life on desert trails -- Hiking area showcases native plants, wildlife (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

IN DEPTH: SPRINGS PRESERVE: Wet and wild Las Vegas -- Educational complex will focus on what drew animals, people to valley (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

IN DEPTH: Springs Preserve (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

IN DEPTH: Preserve will demonstrate 'green' living -- Efforts include cutting electricity use, recycling every drop of water (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

IN DEPTH: FUN WAYS TO LEARN -- Exhibits let visitors look back and ahead at life in the Las Vegas Valley (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

IN DEPTH: Jewel headlines varied lineup of entertainment for preserve's opening weekend (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain a city unto itself during holiday weekend (Lahontan Valley News article)

Secrets Of Yosemite

Yosemite's Lost Valley (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Incline Lake

Incline Lake owners open escrow account (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak drive open (Ely Times article)

Cave Lake

Loop trail open at Cave Lake (Ely Times article)

Community Trail Systems

Trail building, maintenance depends on volunteers (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada Culture

TRIP OF THE WEEK: Celebrate Basque culture with June festivals (Margo Bartlett Pesek column, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Mules get their time in sun at races in Winnemucca (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Fourth Ward parties are filling up fast (Nevada Appeal article)

NEVADA VIEWS: Las Vegas and the arts -- Promoting cultural activity helps the local economy (Oscar B. Goodman and Robert L. Lynch column, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Maybe they are catching on . . . (Budget Watch Nevada)


From The Neon Empire

When Will Casinos Start To Pay Their Fair Share Of State Taxes?

Gambling Cartels And Labor Unions

Contract deadline passes; workers shrug (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

LABOR TALKS: Major casinos extend pacts -- Casino giants lengthen collective agreements with Culinary local (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Culinary delivers unpleasant surprises (Las Vegas Sun article)

Tough issues stall talks (In Business Las Vegas article)

The Business Of Gambling

Index of gaming stocks slides in May (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Slot machines way high tech: Speed, wide screens, communal play added (Las Vegas Sun article)

Bally banking on new-fangled slots to put it back in the money (Las Vegas Sun article)

Tourism and Gaming: Protect customers on server-based slots (In Business Las Vegas article)

Australian magnate to invest in LV casino (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Exec speaks; Binion's rumors fly -- MTR Gaming boss identifies hotel-casino as 'investment property' but says no more (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Health Care and Workplace: MGM Mirage's diversity efforts boosted from abroad (In Business Las Vegas article)

Tourism and Gaming: Getting dialed in to the casino business (In Business Las Vegas article)

Gambling As A Disease

And the survey says: Yes, problem gambling can be treated (Las Vegas Sun article)

Home Means Nevada

A revenue source in plains sight: Law changes have several gaming companies seeing new potential in Kansas (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada's Past

The Age Of The Trappers

"I took ye for an Injun!", Frederic Remington illustration [click on image to enlarge]

Carson City Rendezvous recreates history of Old West (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

In TNO's Reading Room

Myron Angel, Thompson & West's History Of Nevada (1881), The Trappers and Early Emigrants

Gov. James G. Scrugham, Nevada: The Narrative of the Conquest of a Frontier Land (1935), vol. I


V&T Committee ready to play 'hardball': But 1996 agreement stands in its way (Nevada Appeal article)

McGill Centennial

McGill celebrates the past and the future (Ely Times article)

Gambling And Nevada

Here's looking at some new turning points for the history books (Michael Green column, Las Vegas Business Press)

The Gangster Years

JANE ANN MORRISON: Mob killer tells his side of story in book, trial testimony, at state museum (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)


Federal Nevada

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump Project

Expert sees little concern with waste at Yucca: Still, he doesn't see need for repository there (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Yucca Mountain not dead after all? (Nevada Appeal article)

Dems show solid front against Yucca (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Nevada Test Site

Senators urge action on program to compensate ill workers (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Agency investigates exposure to plutonium: Three at test site were plugging pipe (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Nevada's Congressional Delegation


On the House: Wildfire Funding (Rep. Dean Heller column, Ely Times)

Heller got a break: DoJ selective prosecution on statewide voter registration lists (Desert Beacon)

Immigration Reform

Immigration debate continues: Amendments to Senate's reform proposal are no substitute for fair, compassionate legislation (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Bush pushes, but Nevada Republicans resist on immigration (Las Vegas Sun article)

In short, the price of citizenship will more than double (Las Vegas Sun article)

The CEO president serves his Big Business masters on immigration (Kirk Caraway column, Lahontan Valley News)

Another Reason to Hate the Immigration Bill (Muth's Truths)

National Health Matters

TB flight raises questions: Atlanta man's travels while infected are motivating agencies to review their policies (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Airlines should share concerns of passengers over TB incident (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Fraud, Corruption, Waste And Mismanagement

Congressional corruption (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Democratic earmark reforms lasted 100 days (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

'Senator Secrecy' blocks open government bill (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Bittersweet justice: Sentence in CIA leak case was just; 'cloud' still hangs over Vice President Cheney (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Foreign Affairs

The Continuing Occupation Of Afghanistan

Army Chief Warrant Officer Joshua R. Rodgers

Governor Gibbons’ Statement on Death of Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Robert Rodgers (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Carson City pilot dies in battle (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

The Continuing Occupation Of Iraq

Sacrifices of area soldiers bring war closer to home (Lahontan Valley News editorial)

Damn the intelligence: It was full speed ahead for President Bush as he ignored warnings about war in Iraq (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Reid: In June, Democrats Will Continue To Fight To Change Course In Iraq (Sen. Reid Press Release)


June 7, 2007

[7:04 PM]


Nevada Government

State Government

Nevada Legislature


The good, the bad and the unforgivable: Recapping the successes, failures of the 2007 Legislature (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Little good, really bad, and lots of ugly: The 2007 Legislature wraps, sort of (Las Vegas CityLife article)

Time to analyze what legislators have left behind (Nevada Appeal editorial)

Bills on Nevada's special session agenda (Associated Press article)

Some Worthwhile Suggestions For Legislative Reform

Learn the goddamn rules! (Las Vegas CityLife editorial)

Nevada Highways

HIGHWAY BILL: I-15 gets budget support -- Priority list leaves out U.S. 95 widening, Boulder City bypass, other 'superprojects' (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Paying for roads must be revisited, legislator says -- Assemblyman: 'Somebody has to pony up' (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

No-new-taxes pledge hurts highway-construction plan (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Miscellaneous Bills

Washoe projects receive funding (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Nevada lawmakers vote for open records bill (Associated Press article)

The Governor Of Nevada

Gibbons happy with Legislative results (Nevada Appeal article)

Nevada governor reviews legislative gains, losses (Associated Press article)

From The Office Of The Governor

Governor Gibbons Requests Nevada PERS Divest From Sudan (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Governor to Sign Transportation Bill: $1 Billion in Addition Funding Provided for Nevada Roads (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Don't Like Gov. Gibbons

Government cuts: Gibbons' pledge pits state against Clark County, which will only hurt public in the long run (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

From The Office Of The Attorney General


The State Judiciary

Judges win again and again: Bill's revival might limit voters' say on who serves on the bench (Las Vegas Sun article)

Budget juggling gives state's courts much of their wish list (Las Vegas Sun article)

Prison savings could go to courthouse projects (Associated Press article)

Tobacco Prohibition And Prohibitionists

Judge to issue injunction against bar in ‘test’ smoking-ban case (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Judge says she is likely to rule against bar in smoking case (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Local Government

Clark County

Vegas Rules: Special Favors For Special Favorites

City bends rules for Jillian's: Neonopolis bar's landlord refuses background check but gets liquor license (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Las Vegas Monorail

LV Monorail ridership hits 20,552 a day: Farebox revenue continues to lag (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Regional Economy

Economist predicting continued slowdown: Report on Southern Nevada indicators cloudy for '07 (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Real Estate Market

Home inventory soars in May (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Elko County

Still hope for air route (Elko Free Press article)

Elko air bill only partially funded (Elko Free Press article)

Lake Tahoe Basin

Incline Village General Improvement District

Double dose of meetings tonight on Incline issues (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)


Sketching the future of Truckee in planning process (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Nye County

Town Of Pahrump

Meeting Aborted: RPC exits as residents wrangle (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Town Of Beatty

Petition challenges ordinance review (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Washoe County

The Holland Project

Neighborly dispute: Following complaints from a neighbor, The Holland Project needs to comply with safety and fire codes, come up with a “reasonable” noise level, and get a special permit before they can reopen their Keystone warehouse. Ultimately, they need to find a new home (Reno News & Review article)

City to work with Holland Project after neighbor's complaint of noise (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

City's commitment to project welcome (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

The Real Estate Market

Open house: The bubble has burst, and the housing world is flat. What’s a young homebuyer to do? (Reno News & Review article)

The world is flat: RN&R’s homebuying guide for dummies, otherwise known as first-time home buyers (Reno News & Review article)

You're not ready to buy a house if you ... (Reno News & Review article)


Corruption? In Nevada?

The Latest Clark County Commission Corruption Case

Boggs returns from travel abroad to face charges (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"'Thou shalt not lie' seems to be an optional commandment for Lynette Boggs."

JANE ANN MORRISON: A tale twice told by Boggs reveals the lies beneath (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

"As a political tool, the surveillance film of a bathrobed Boggs hauling trash to the curb of a home outside her district is deserving of a Best Director award for private investigator David Groover."

ERIN NEFF: The power of video (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

$kindustry Regulation

City to determine club's fate: LV council to decide whether Crazy Horse will get permanent license (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada Politics

National Democratic Party Presidential Primaries

Sen. Dodd

An Interview With Chris Dodd (Dullard Mush)

Gov. Richardson

Richardson promises to tackle transportation in Las Vegas (Associated Press article)

The New Hampshire Debates

Reading the NIE (Jack Wood column, Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals)

The Early Call: Big Three Score Well In Democratic New Hampshire Debate (Dullard Mush)

Better Know a Candidate - Last Night's Debate (Blue Lyon)

National Republican Party Presidential Primaries

GOP Big Three Dominate New Hampshire Debate (Dullard Mush)

Local Elections

Rural Nevada cities elect mayors, council members (Associated Press article)

Churchill County

City of Fallon 2007 General Election recap (Lahontan Valley News article)

Clark County

Mesquite, Boulder City elect new mayors; voters decide city races (Associated Press article)

Elko County

Franzoia, Johnson re-elected (Elko Free Press article)

Eklund to take over as Carlin’s new mayor (Elko Free Press article)

Incumbents win in Wells (Elko Free Press article)

The Low Voter Turnout In Clark County

Empty ballot boxes: Spring municipal elections should be moved because no one seems to notice them (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Americans Could Care Less about Their Democracy (Jack Wood column, Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals)


Nevada Education Matters

The Public Schools

In The Legislature

Gibbons signs bill, notes state's strides in education (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Touting Education First, Gibbons signs funding bill (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Who needs Republicans? (Chip Mosher column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Clark County School District

Garcia critic objects to closed meeting: Board members discussed former schools chief (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

CONTRACT TALKS: Union wants guns banned -- Police union asks that school district negotiators not carry weapons (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Schoolhouse blues: Clark County School District's response to job candidates needs closer scrutiny (Las Vegas Sun editorial)


Nevada Health Matters

Pandemic Threat

TOURISM: Disease deemed LV threat -- Tuberculosis traveler case shows how epidemic could arrive, observer says (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

West Nile Virus

Nevada's first West Nile Virus case found in Fallon (Lahontan Valley News article)


Nevada's Environment


Fire throws a scare into Mound House, Silver City (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Fire forces evacuation of Coleville (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Too hot to handle: It’s summer. Do your friends and neighbors a favor and fire-proof your home (Reno News & Review editorial)

A Stench In The Nostrils

"What would be the benefit of bringing something like this into your community?" he said. "It's not like communities are standing in line to bring in something like this."

New oil plant causes big stink near Bango Road (Lahontan Valley News article)


Entrepreneurs see green: There’s a new Nevada environmental group that seeks to give everyone an easy entry into activism (Reno News & Review article)


Our Beautiful Region

Southern Nevada's Newest Park

Hope springs eternal: Sustainable park opens as lawmakers nix green tax breaks and watchdogs cry foul (Las Vegas CityLife article)

The Hills Have Eyes

Not quite Hidden Cave (Deidre Pike column, Reno News & Review)


From The Neon Empire

When Will Casinos Start To Pay Their Fair Share Of State Taxes?

Strip project gets new investor: Australian casino operator buys into Fontainebleau builder (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Action keeps Lake Las Vegas casino open (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada's Past


V&T engine to stay with McCloud No. 18: Commission votes down proposed name change (Nevada Appeal article)

A Treasure Trove

Liberty Belle slots to be acquired -- First: Liberty Belle slot machine collection to be acquired by state (Reno News & Review article)


Federal Nevada

Nevada Test Site

3 exposed to dose of plutonium during work at Nevada Test Site (Associated Press article)

Nevada's Congressional Delegation

DARFUR: BERKLEY CALLS ON CHINA TO STOP INVESTMENT, ARMS SALES IN SUDAN -- House Resolution Part of On-going Effort to Stop Genocide (Rep. Berkley Press Release)

BERKLEY PAYS TRIBUTE TO FALLEN U.S. FORCES BURIED IN EUROPE, VISITS TROOPS WOUNDED IN IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN: Wreath Laying Ceremonies Held at U.S. Cemeteries in Italy & Luxembourg (Rep. Berkley Press Release)

Immigration Reform

Immigration bill dealt blow in Senate (Washington Post article)



"In Las Vegas many immigrants, legal or not, have helped to propel the region's protracted economic boom. They wash hotel laundry, cook restaurant meals and build the luxurious casinos and homes that have made the region one of the most visited and fastest growing in the nation."

LV industries worry flow of immigrants will dry up (Las Vegas Sun article)

Cost Estimate for Senate Amendment 1150 to S. 1348, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, June 4, 2007 (Congressional Budget Office)

Our Nation's Many And Growing Governments

Meanwhile ... (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Fraud, Corruption, Waste And Mismanagement

Democrats need to keep openness promise (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Freedom And The Federal Government

Treatment Of Persons Detained By US Authorities

US holding at least 39 detainees in secret prisons: rights groups (Jurist article)

CIA ran secret prisons for detainees in Europe, says inquiry (The Guardian [UK] article)

The Report

Off the Record: US Responsibility for Enforced Disappearances in the ‘War on Terror' (Human Rights Watch website)

Panel Approves Bill to Restore Habeas Corpus to Guantanamo Detainees (Congressional Quarterly article)


June 8-10, 2007

[3:15 PM]


Nevada Government

State Government

Nevada Legislature




Power shift looms, to lobbyists' glee (Las Vegas Sun article)

"It really depends on whether there is a transportation package this time," Townsend said in May about the '09 session. "If there isn't one, the answer will be that '03 will look like a kindergarten skirmish with a little sand thrown in somebody's face next to the absolute Vietnam bloodbath that '09 could be."

'09 Legislature could be big showdown (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


AND THE SURVEY SAYS ... (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Winners, losers stand out after the legislative session (Las Vegas Sun article)

The winners and losers of the 2007 Legislature (Chuck Muth column, Las Vegas Business Press)

Spending restraint deserves another try (Las Vegas Business Press editorial)

"Some simple changes would work miracles."

Jon Ralston on Politics: Carson caprice (In Business Las Vegas column)

Naked perversions and taxing fixations (Andy Barbano column, Sparks Tribune)

Legislature ends (Harry Spencer column, Sparks Tribune)

NV Legislature: Winners and Losers (Desert Beacon column, Blue Sage Views)

Nevada Highways

"The $1 billion transportation plan signed by Gov. Jim Gibbons will bring millions of dollars for projects in Northern Nevada, but isn't enough to pay for all the long-term improvements needed in the region's freeway system."

Highway funds 'a far cry short' (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Highway 160 funding gets $16M payoff (Pahrump Valley Times article)

HIGHWAY FUNDING: Road bill pleases Gibbons -- But governor admits $1 billion won't go that far (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Right To Know What You're Paying For

2007 Legislature lets in more sunshine (Lahontan Valley News editorial)

Session good for open government (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Miscellaneous Legislation

"When first introduced, Assembly Bill 127 looked to those in the debt collection industry like a dagger pointed at the heart of their business. But as the bill traveled through the amendment process in the Nevada Legislature, its focus shifted, transformed and widened."

New law effects some big changes (Las Vegas Business Press article)

2007 LEGISLATURE: Here's news you may have missed -- Lawmakers gave left, right something to cheer (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

JANE ANN MORRISON: Credit due for bills that should improve our lives but escaped limelight (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

How legislators' actions affected Carson City: Lawmakers found money for workers museum, but not V&T or recreation center (Nevada Appeal article)

Agencies see positive changes from legislation (Nevada Appeal article)

Living wills discussed in legislature (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Banks fail to see tax relief as legislative session ends (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Financial assistance for economic development agencies cut (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Legislature OKs new consumer protections (Associated Press article)

Energy bills abound: Nevada Legislature makes power priority (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Groups say environment a winner at Legislature (Associated Press article)

Like it or not, HOA members must pay: Under new law, vote isn't always required (Las Vegas Sun article)

The Governor Of Nevada

Governor talks budget (Gov. Jim Gibbons column, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza)

Don't Like Gov. Gibbons

Jon Ralston is appalled by the audacity displayed in the wake of the 2007 Legislature by Gov. Jim Gibbons, who must be living in a fantasy world (Las Vegas Sun column)

Where mediocrity is king: Gibbons, lawmakers fail to tackle real problems facing our fast-growing state (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

State Judiciary

"The justices affirmed the ruling by a hearing officer and the district court that her problems were caused by a "gradual mental stimulus" and therefore not qualified as a worker's compensation injury."

Highway Patrol trooper loses harassment case (Nevada Appeal article)

Tobacco Prohibition And Prohibitionist

NEVADA CLEAN INDOOR AIR ACT: Smokers flout judge's order -- Bar complies with injunction by removing ashtrays, matches, but customers continue to light up (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Area facilities complying with Clean Air Act (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Public Employees Retirements System

PERS asked to cut Sudan ties: Gibbons, lawmakers seek full divestment (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Nevada National Guard

National Guard soldiers refine skills near Fallon (Lahontan Valley News article)

Gas Up

$$$: Is any relief ahead (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Effect of gas prices varies for pro drivers (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Local Government

Nevada's County Governments Need Home Rule

Brian Greenspun highlights how we can elevate our state (Las Vegas Sun column)

City And County Of Carson

Campagni proposal put aside until questions answered (Nevada Appeal article)

Churchill County

Three county water bonds approved (Lahontan Valley News article)

Shawn Kohltfarber replaces VanGorder on the planning commission (Lahontan Valley News article)

Clark County

Special Favors For Special Favorites

Special treatment? (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Oppressive Ordinances

"It's not about taking away someone's rights," explains Councilman Ross. "It's about protecting children."

Saturday, in the park ... Uh-oh, here come the park police! (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

The Real Estate Market

Home inventory soars in May (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Housing slump fuels big job losses (In Business Las Vegas article)

Real Estate and Development: Condominium demand subsides, projects suffering (In Business Las Vegas article)

Apartment sales drop but prices rise for big complexes (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Commercial sector of LV real estate expected to thrive: Report says city, Southwest well-positioned (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Homes for sale in May near record in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Developing News

Contractor with local ties acquired for $2.6 billion (Las Vegas Business Press article)

First local food co-op opens despite reputation for overindulgence (Las Vegas Business Press article)

"A new phrase is about to enter the Las Vegas nightlife vernacular -- Cowboy ultralounge."

New south Strip haunt to fill Gilley's niche: Owner has large following, brought bikini bull-riding and mud wrestling to Strip (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Apartment plan resurfaces to dismay in Ward 5 (Las Vegas Sun article)

Douglas County

County approves growth cap (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Lake Tahoe Basin

County sets timeline for nuisance ordinance (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Residents learn about revisions to county variances (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Where's the hero with beach access solution? (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza editorial)

Forest chief orders fewer trees cut down at Heavenly (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Nye County

County Affairs

Nye County won't waive impact fee for job creation (Pahrump Valley Times article)

County buying pickups for $144,766 (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Town Of Pahrump

BLM could 'place' office in Pahrump (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Construction picking up in town (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Washoe County

City Of Reno

Study will look at bridges, see if they need replacing (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

City Of Sparks

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency has told Sparks it intends to list the Sparks Marina and its surrounding area in the region's flood plain unless the city can certify Interstate 80 as a levy that will protect the area."

Flood plain designation catches Sparks off-guard (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Judge: Sparks City Council must release report on city attorney (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada Politics

Hispanic Voters

Coveted Hispanic vote is state's sleeping giant (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

State Democratic Party

DNC Chairman Dean headlines Reno event (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

National Presidential Primaries

Singing to the choir: Top Democratic candidates pitch their credentials to Culinary Union (In Business Las Vegas article)

Sen. Biden

Biden bids for union backing: Democratic presidential candidate decries Bush team's 'war' on labor (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Draw a line in the sand, Biden urges Culinary (Las Vegas Sun article)

Biden seeks union's backing with visit to valley today (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Sen. Clinton

McAdoo-Some men can't take it (Glen McAdoo column, Lahontan Valley News)

Sen. Dodd

The Chris Dodd Interview, Pt. 2 (Dullard Mush)

Sen. Edwards

The award for hypocrite of the year goes to ... (Guy Farmer column, Nevada Appeal)

Assemblyman endorses Edwards' presidential bid (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Gov. Richardson

Candidate sees child welfare up close: Family Services supervisor lets Democratic presidential hopeful walk in his shoes (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Party Identity Crisis

The WEEK IN REVIEW: WASHINGTON D.C. -- Dems at risk over the war, a poll shows (Las Vegas Sun article)

State Republican Party

Party Identity Crisis

"Thousands of Republicans have changed their voter registration to "independent." The proportion of voters who identify themselves as Republicans has fallen to 30.8 percent from 37.3 percent during the 2004 election campaign, according to a recent Rasmussen poll."

Silver Lining in GOP's Dark Cloud (Jack Kelly column, Real Clear Politics)


Nevada Education Matters

Higher Education

The Chancellor And The Regents

"Like a restless volcano, tensions between university system Chancellor Jim Rogers and the elected Board of Regents are stirring and may vent a lot of steam this month."

Trouble coming to a boil among university leaders (Las Vegas Sun article)

Question for Rogers: Where are donors? Chancellor hired to bring in money, but it's been slow going (Las Vegas Sun article)


Tuition boost to be debated: Rogers says he wants schools to be allowed to keep 100 percent of increase (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

In The Legislature

HEALTH SCIENCES SYSTEM: Planning for facilities upcoming -- Legislative outlay for higher ed to go to new buildings, renovations (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Scholarships are more than just an award (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Public Schools

Grade Inflation

ESSAY CONTEST: Do today's students earn their grades? Or are teachers padding marks to gives kids the grades they 'need'? (Tara Verderosa column, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

In The Legislature

Switch is on to recharge schools: Legislature-boosted empowerment plan spurs hope in district (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

GEOFF SCHUMACHER: Wisdom of our elders? Not so much (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

Clark County School District

A year of firsts - principal and students become 'family' (Las Vegas Sun article)


Nevada Water Matters

Lake Mead

Warming's drain on Lake Mead outlined (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Tourism and Gaming: Lake's decline fails to sink spirits of houseboaters (In Business Las Vegas article)


Nevada Health Matters

Nevada doctors fear fallout from planned Medicare cuts (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

State board of medicine ranks low (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada Law Enforcement

Clark County Commission Corruption Cases

Raising residency questions: Boggs charges put candidates on notice (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"According to the indictment filed against Donald Davidson, he and Kenny discussed ways she could hide the $200,000 Davidson arranged for Kenny to receive as a result of the zone change. Lawrence Davidson set up a trust account named Ovington Nevada LLC. The company's manager was Charles Ovington Callin, Kenny's late father."

CORRUPTION PROBE: Suspect's plea deal unsealed -- Accountant helped hide payoffs to ex-commissioner (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Judge releases Boggs without bail: Ex-commissioner mum in first court appearance on false-filing charges (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Jon Ralston on why it's critical to put into context the case against Boggs (Las Vegas Sun column)

Nye County Commission Corruption Case

Your Call Is Important To Us.  Please Hold Until The Next Available Operator Answers

Richards trial postponed again (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Arson And Arsonists

It's time to turn up the heat in fight against arsonists (John DiMambro column, Nevada Appeal)


Nevada Utilities

Why The Public Utilities Commission Should Be Elected, Not Appointed

OFFICIALS SEEK $5 MILLION CUT: Consumer bureau petitions to lower rate increase (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Cooperative Monopoly Of Nye

Can Do !

Pahrump power rates to stay the same (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Emergency power possible in the area (Pahrump Valley Times article)


Nevada's Environment

The Jewel Of The Sierra

Nevada approves $9 million for Tahoe environmental program (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Global warming a threat to Lake Tahoe (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Keeping our beaches clean (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Checking in on the environment (Andrew Pridgen column, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza)


"Nevada produces about 23 million pounds of electronic junk each year, according to one estimate, and one national recycling company wants to get is hands on just 20 percent of that total."

NLV company is looking for a few more old computers: E-waste barely a viable business but new company has hopes (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Nonprofit seeks secure revenue base in electronic junk (Las Vegas Business Press article)


Our Beautiful Region

Cedar Breaks

TRIP OF THE WEEK: Cedar Breaks shouldn't be missed during its brief season (Margo Bartlett Pesek column, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Lake Tahoe's Splendid Trails

Rim Trail asks you to take a hike (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)


Nevada Culture

Nevada's Libraries And Archives

New Mexico archivist hired to manage Nevada's library and archives (Nevada Appeal article)

Trappers' Rendezvous

"I took ye for an Injun!", Frederic Remington illustration [click on image to enlarge]

Rendezvous ropes in crowds in Carson (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Nevada And The Civil War

Group brings South to area (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

In TNO's Reading Room:

Myron Angel, Thompson & West's History Of Nevada (1881), Nevada Military Affairs and Incidents

Sam P. Davis, Nevada and the Civil War

Carson Air Show

Historic and collector aircraft take flight over Carson (Nevada Appeal article)

Shakespeare !!!

New sponsors line up for Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Rodeo !!!

Minden Ranch Rodeo set for this weekend (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)


From The Neon Empire

When Will The Gambling Cartels Start To Pay Their Fair Share Of State Taxes?

From Meyer Lansky's Thunderbird To The All-New Fontainebleau

Jeff Simpson on why a new resort positioned in the space formerly occupied by the Thunderbird should make money this time (Las Vegas Sun column)

Florida developer planning $2.5 billion hotel-condo project (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Fontainebleau builder lands big financing (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Last Month's Haul

Statewide win continues record streak despite slot softness (Las Vegas Business Press article)

GAMING REVENUE: State win for month roars back -- First billion-dollar April aided by quirk in calendar (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Nevada casinos gain in April (Nevada Appeal article)'

Vegas' solid gaming month boosts state (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Bloated CEO Salaries

MGM Mirage CEO is highest-paid exec (In Business Las Vegas article)

"So how did he end up with $30.1 million in total compensation?"

Books open on execs' rewards, but do shareholders care? (Las Vegas Sun article)

Hefty Profits

10-figure payday: Look who's laughing his way to the bank - the guy who bought the shopworn New Frontier, held on and kept upping the price no matter what naysayers said (Las Vegas Sun article)

How Nevada's Casinos Were Dominated By Gangsters For 40 Years

"Gaming Control Board member Randall Sayre said recently that regulators will soon be looking at ways to change existing gaming rules to ease the way for private equity firms."

Reporter's Notebook (Las Vegas Business Press article)

On The Surface

Harrah's and IGT are getting ready to 'Surface' (David G. Schwartz column, Las Vegas Business Press)

Of Course Not -- In Nevada, Only The Small Fry Pay Their Fair Share

Small casinos won't get tax breaks (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Big Donations -- Think Of It As "Free Speech"

Nevada gambling industry is upping its presidential ante (Los Angeles Times article)

Gambling As A Mental Disease

Treating problem gamblers: State program shows success and will continue under a measure passed by lawmakers (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Internet Gambling

Net bet ban talk centers on tech: House hearing looks at ways to verify ages of would-be bettors (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Foe of gambling welcomes hearings on new legislation (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Attack on Internet gambling ban: But supporters of overturning the prohibition face uphill battle (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

ONLINE WAGERING: Web bet ban repeal supported -- Two more bills introduced; hearing today (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada's Past

Trails North And South

CD will highlight U.S. 395's history (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

The History Of Incline

Riding the Flume, Harper's Weekly Magazine, June 2, 1877 [click on image to enlarge]

Loggers and millmen built new towns in basin (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

In TNO's Reading Room:

Myron Angel, Thompson & West's History Of Nevada (1881), Transportation of Lumber by Water

A.H. Hawley, Lake Tahoe (1883)

Sam P. Davis, History Of Nevada (1913), Square Sets of Timbering and V-Flume

The Riches Of Midas

Nevada Traveler-Midas still has golden touch (Richard Moreno column, Lahontan Valley News)


Federal Nevada

Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON DIGEST: Immigration bill put on hold -- Senate leadership sets aside legislation after losing effort to end debate (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Reid risks 'do-nothing' label over immigration (Las Vegas Sun article)

VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: In fact, illegals are taking the jobs skilled Americans used to do (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

Fear is making the prospects for immigration reform dim (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Reid to Bush: Immigration ball back in your court (Desert Beacon)

Illegal immigration (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

National Environment Matters

New outlook on energy: The Democratic majority in Congress is readying to change status-quo policies (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Bush Administration continues assault on environment and science (Desert Beacon)

National Health Matters

Escaping the medical bureaucracy: Doctors come up with a new business model (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Tainted Food

Ground beef recall expanded: Sell-by date goes back to April 6-20 (Associated Press article)

Fraud, Corruption, Waste And Mismanagement

Louisiana Congressman Pleads Not Guilty in Bribery Case (New York Times article)

Inspecting the Inspectors General: Frazier out, Cobb on the way? (Desert Beacon)

A pardon for Libby? Bush weighs options while far right argues in favor of dismissing the lies of Scooter Libby (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Freedom And The Federal Government

The Right To Vote

It's Just A Little Liberty, Get Over It: vote suppression vs. the fraudsters (Desert Beacon)

Unwarranted Surveillance

Tangled Webs Unraveling: Bush anti-terrorism programs under international and Congressional scrutiny (Desert Beacon)

Treatment Of Persons Detained By US Authorities

Powell Calls for Closing Guantanamo Bay (Associated Press article)

European agency details alleged secret prison activity: A report says Polish and Romanian officials helped the U.S. with the CIA interrogation facilities for 'high-value' terrorism detainees (Los Angeles Times article)

"The judges ruled they could not try the pair because they had been designated only as "enemy combatants" while the 2006 Military Commissions Act passed by the U.S. Congress said suspects had to be "unlawful enemy combatants" to face trial."

Pentagon appeals against Guantanamo ruling (Reuters article)

Pentagon Wants Guantanamo Cases Reviewed (Associated Press article)

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs changes urged: Report recommends updating system for rating disabilities (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Report

A 21st Century System for Evaluating Veterans for Disability Benefits (National Academy of Science website)

Our Nation's Armed Forces

'Lieutenants' war' challenges general: ROTC commander aims high for more officers (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Throwing Pace Under the Tank (Muth's Truths)

Running from a Military Fight with Harry Reid? (Muth's Truths)

Gates turns to Navy again for Joint Chiefs: The Defense secretary’s pick causes unease especially with the Army, which is doing the bulk of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times article)

New War Czar Wins Praise, but White House Is Faulted (New York Times article)

Gates Recommends Mullen to Replace Pace as Chairman (American Forces Press Service article)

Biography of Navy Adm. Michael G. Mullen (US Defense Department website)

Biography of Marine Gen. James E. Cartwright (US Defense Department website)

06/08/2007: DoD News Briefing with Secretary Robert Gates from the Pentagon (US Defense Department website)

06/06/2007: Press Conference with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Minister of Defense Herve Morin from the Ministry of Defense, Paris, France (US Defense Department website)

06/06/2007: DoD News Briefing with Brig. Gen. Wiggins from the Pentagon (US Defense Department website)

06/05/2007: Media Availability with Secretary of Defense Gates and Minister of Defense General Lieutenant Ismail Isakovich Isakov from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (US Defense Department website)

06/03/2007: Statement by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to Reporters on Plane Enroute Afghanistan (US Defense Department website)

06/03/2007: Press Conference with Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace, and Commander of the Pacific Command Adm. Timothy Keating at Shangri-La International Security Conference, Republic of Singapore (US Defense Department website)

06/02/2007: Secretary's Response to Questions Following Shangri-La Security Conference Remarks (US Defense Department website)

06/01/2007: Press Conference with Secretary Gates and Adm. Keating from Camp Smith, Honolulu, Hawaii (US Defense Department website)

05/31/2007: DoD Press Briefing with Lt. Gen. Odierno from the Pentagon (US Defense Department website) 

Foreign Affairs

The Continuing Occupation Of Afghanistan

Afghan, Coalition Forces Defeat Enemy Fighters; Civilians Reject Insurgents (American Forces Press Service article)

Afghan Civilians Aid Police, Coalition (American Forces Press Service article)

06/05/2007: DoD News Briefing with Gen. Dan McNeill via Videoconference from Afghanistan at the Pentagon (US Defense Department website)

06/05/2007: DoD Press Briefing with Secretary Gates And President Hamid Karzai from Kabul, Afghanistan (US Defense Department website)

The Continuing Occupation Of Iraq

From Nevada

Seeing today through prism of World War II (Kirk Caraway column, Nevada Appeal)

From Washington, DC

Admiral Describes Way Forward for Baghdad Troop Surge (American Forces Press Service article)

From The Battlefield

Iraq news not all bad, Marine says: Americans not hearing about 'good stuff' (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Kirkuk Example Provides Hope Despite Terrorist Attacks, Commander Says (American Forces Press Service article)

Airman, Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Previous Casualties Identified (American Forces Press Service article)

Combined Forces Kill One, Detain 13; Car Bombs Damage Clinic, Mosques (American Forces Press Service article)

Iraq Raids Net 32 Terrorists; Baghdad Bombs Hurt 4 Iraqis (American Forces Press Service article)

06/08/2007: DoD News Briefing with Col. Patrick Stackpole via Teleconference from Kirkuk, Iraq at the Pentagon (US Defense Department website)

06/05/2007: DoD News Briefing with Col. Bryan Roberts via Teleconference from Iraq at the Pentagon (US Defense Department website)

Troubled Mexico

What Happens When Corruption Goes Too Far

Mexico asks U.S. for more help vs. drugs (Associated Press article)

Another bloody week as Mexico's drug war rages: Two are killed during the wake of a cartel founder's grandson. At least 46 others die in later attacks nationwide (Los Angeles Times article)

"President Felipe Calderon pledged "zero tolerance" against illegal loggers earlier this year, but environmentalists say the gangs enjoy ever greater protection."

Mexico murder shows grim face of illegal logging (Reuters article)

U.S., Mexico agree to improve customs services (Reuters article)

Bush immigration failure hurts Mexico's Calderon (Washington Post article)

Mexico Takes on Monopolies Mexico's Supreme Court has rejected a widely criticized media law, in a country where monopolies are a way of life (International Business Times article)

Extradition Sought in Mexico Deaths (The Guardian [UK] article)


June 11, 2007


Nevada Government

State Government

Nevada Legislature

Speaker, governor score points: Each finds success in legislative session (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

State creates water panel (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

"And the reason the Democrats are fighting toll roads is that they know the voters see the tolls and the increasing tolls as another kind of tax increase. So while it makes economic sense, there's huge political danger in charging for what lots of people, including the trucking industry, think should be free."

Resistance to toll roads grows (Ian Mylchreest column, Las Vegas Business Press)

The Governor Of Nevada

Governor plans to tour state this summer: Gibbons wants input for next budget proposal (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Local Government

Clark County

City hopes to cash in on sponsors (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

NLV sacrifices parking for more people (Las Vegas Sun article)


Corruption? In Nevada?

Clark County Commission Corruption Cases

"Four of the commissioners are now locked up or on the way to federal prison for cheating taxpayers of honest services. A fifth, Yvonne Atkinson Gates, is under investigation in connection with her use of campaign contributions."

CLASS OF 1999 POLITICIANS: Voted (by Clark County residents) most likely to succeed ... ... in retrospect the majority of the commission went down in infamy (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada Politics

Lawmaking, caucusing and participation (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Democratic Party

DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Supporters sing Kucinich's praises -- Ohio congressman emphasizes peace message during visit to Las Vegas (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Kucinich raises his funds one dollar at a time: Long-shot presidential candidate's event dwarfed by competitors' (Las Vegas Sun article)

Republican Party

Republicans move slowly, confidently toward '08 caucus (Las Vegas Sun article)

Thompson, Giuliani lead local Republican straw poll (Nevada Appeal article)

Libertarian Party

Jeff Haney on a presidential hopeful from the Las Vegas Valley who hopes to parlay a 2008 Libertarian campaign into a serious run some time down the road (Las Vegas Sun column)


Nevada Education Matters

Higher Education

LOOKING IN ON: HIGHER EDUCATION -- Carpenter's evaluation amounts to wasted $16,000 (Las Vegas Sun article)

Public Schools

"As a matter of fact, the temptation to lower the bar as a favor to the lowest achievers will only guarantee that it's our brightest students -- the ones we can least afford to lose, the ones who need to be encouraged to leap ahead if we are to retain our technological leadership -- who will be "left behind," offered no real challenge to which they can rise, treading water in a swamp of tedium."

No child left behind? But state standards vary wildly (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

"In terms of whether or not the tutoring is improving academic outcomes, we have done no independent assessment of any kind."

Tutors' grade: Incomplete -- Millions spent to help students, but no progress report is available (Las Vegas Sun article)

"Sign up your student for a free online tutoring program and get a home computer and Internet access at the company's expense. That's what StudentNest promised last fall. But what the company provided was something else entirely."

WHO'S YOUR TUTOR? Help does not always compute (Las Vegas Sun article)


Nevada Utilities

Power bills will remain almost unchanged (Nevada Appeal article)


From The Neon Empire

When Will The Gambling Cartels Start To Pay Their Fair Share Of State Taxes?

JANE ANN MORRISON: Judge must rule if Wynn Resorts gives disabled enough 'Le Reve' space (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)


Federal Nevada

Administration Purge Of Corruption-Fighting US Attorneys

No-Confidence Vote on Gonzales Fails in the Senate (New York Times article)

National Environment Matters

Bald eagles getting off endangered species list (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"The global warming issue has been seized by radical greens as a vehicle with which to cripple capitalism and slow economic growth."

Lake Mead dried up? (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

No time to coast: BLM nominee should be carefully considered even though Bush's term nearing its end (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Wetlands now at risk: The 35-year-old Clean Water Act is under assault from high court, administration (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

RL33548 - May 24, 2007 Nuclear Weapons: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

RL32235 - May 17, 2007 Energy Savings Act of 2007 (S. 1321): Summary of Major Provisions (Congressional Research Service Report)

Biofuels: DOE Lacks a Strategic Approach to Coordinate Increasing Production with Infrastructure Development and Vehicle Needs GAO-07-713, June 8, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Waters and Wetlands: Corps of Engineers Needs to Ensure That Permit Decisions Made Using Funds from Nonfederal Public Entities Are Transparent and Impartial GAO-07-478, May 16, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

National Health Matters

Background Paper: Factors Underlying the Growth in Medicare's Spending for Physicians' Services June 2007 (Congressional Budget Office Report)

RS22672 - June 05, 2007 Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB): Quarantine and Isolation (Congressional Research Service Report)

Motor Carrier Safety: A Statistical Approach Will Better Identify Commercial Carriers That Pose High Crash Risks Than Does the Current Federal Approach GAO-07-585, June 11, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Immigration Reform

Officials Hope to Rekindle Interest in Immigration Bill Provision (American Forces Press Service article)

Our Bloated National Budget

Will the U.S. Current Account Have a Hard or Soft Landing? June 11, 2007 (Congressional Budget Office Report)

Monthly Budget Review June 2007 (Congressional Budget Office Report)

The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook April 2007 Update: The Bottom Line: Federal Fiscal Policy Remains Unsustainable GAO-07-983R, June 4, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

RL34023 - May 30, 2007 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs: FY2008 Appropriations (Congressional Research Service Report)

RL34015 - May 23, 2007 Congressional Budget Actions in 2007 (Congressional Research Service Report)

Fraud, Corruption, Waste And Mismanagement

You want it when? Millions of passports delayed as officials travel down the ugly road of being unprepared (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

State Department: The July 2006 Evacuation of American Citizens from Lebanon GAO-07-893R, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Department of Homeland Security: Ongoing Challenges in Creating an Effective Acquisition Organization GAO-07-948T, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Freedom And The Federal Government

The Right To Know What You're Paying For

97-71 GOV - April 23, 2007 Access to Government Information in the United States -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

Information Security: Agencies Report Progress, but Sensitive Data Remain at Risk GAO-07-935T, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Unwarranted Surveillance

RL33539 - May 16, 2007 Intelligence Issues for Congress -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

Employment Verification: Challenges Exist in Implementing a Mandatory Electronic Verification System GAO-07-924T, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Travel Restrictions

RS21920 - April 26, 2007 Detection of Explosives on Airline Passengers: Recommendation of the 9/11 Commission and Related Issues -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

Treatment Of Persons Detained By US Authorities

Court orders release of "enemy combatant" in U.S. (Reuters article)

"For over two centuries of growth and struggle, peace and war, the Constitution has secured our freedom through the guarantee that, in the United States, no one will be deprived of liberty without due process of law."

Al-Marri v. Wright (US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals website)

Veterans Affairs

RL34024 - May 31, 2007 Veterans and Homelessness (Congressional Research Service Report)

Our Nation's Armed Forces

Officials Optimistic About Army Recruiting Despite May Shortfall (American Forces Press Service article)

RL34026 - June 04, 2007 Defense Acquisition: Overview, Issues, and Options for Congress (Congressional Research Service Report)

Defense Acquisitions: Analysis of Processes Used to Evaluate Active Protection Systems GAO-07-759, June 8, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Defense Acquisitions: Role of Lead Systems Integrator on Future Combat Systems Program Poses Oversight Challenges GAO-07-380, June 6, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Defense Logistics: Army and Marine Corps' Body Armor Requirements, Controls, and Other Issues GAO-07-911T, June 6, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Foreign Affairs

RL32267 - May 01, 2007 The War Powers Resolution: After Thirty-Three Years -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)


96-397 - May 15, 2007 Canada-U.S. Relations -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

Central Asia

RL30294 - April 26, 2007 Central Asia's Security: Issues and Implications for U.S. Interests -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)


RL34027 - May 31, 2007 Honduran-U.S. Relations (Congressional Research Service Report)


RL32048 - June 04, 2007 Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

The Continuing Occupation Of Iraq

Dubik Takes Responsibility for Training Iraqi Security Forces (American Forces Press Service article)

12 Detained in Raids; Suicide Bombers Killed in Iraq Ops (American Forces Press Service article)

Three Soldiers Killed in Iraq; Previous Casualty Identified (American Forces Press Service article)

RS21968 - June 05, 2007 Iraq: Government Formation and Performance -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

A Federal Reader

RL34028 - June 01, 2007 Identity Theft Laws: State Penalties and Remedies and Pending Federal Bills (Congressional Research Service Report)

RL34025 - May 30, 2007 Terrorism Risk Insurance: Issue Analysis and Legislation (Congressional Research Service Report)

RS22671 - May 31, 2007 The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program: Current Issues and Background (Congressional Research Service Report)

RS22668 - May 30, 2007 Liability of Interactive Computer Service for Violating the Fair Housing Act (Congressional Research Service Report)

RS22670 - May 31, 2007 Exporting Software and the Extraterritorial Reach of U.S. Patent Law: Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp. (Congressional Research Service Report)

RS21970 - May 31, 2007 The U.S. Farm Economy -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

Crop Insurance: Continuing Efforts Are Needed to Improve Program Integrity and Ensure Program Costs Are Reasonable GAO-07-944T, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

RL34020 - May 25, 2007 Statutory Royalty Rates for Digital Performance of Sound Recordings: Decision of the Copyright Royalty Board (Congressional Research Service Report)

RL33568 - April 26, 2007 The International Space Station and the Space Shuttle -- Updated (Congressional Research Service Report)

Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Restructuring Is Under Way, but Challenges and Risks Remain GAO-07-910T, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Restructuring Is Under Way, but Technical Challenges and Risks Remain GAO-07-498, April 27, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Federal Aviation Administration: Cost Allocation Practices and Cost Recovery Proposal Compared with Selected International Practices GAO-07-773R, June 8, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Internal Revenue Service: Status of GAO Financial Audit and Related Financial Management Report Recommendations GAO-07-629, June 7, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

The Federal Workforce: Additional Steps Needed to Take Advantage of Federal Executive Boards' Ability to Contribute to Emergency Operations GAO-07-515, May 4, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Low-Income and Minority Serving Institutions: Education Has Taken Steps to Improve Monitoring and Assistance, but Further Progress Is Needed GAO-07-926T, June 4, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)


June 12, 2007


Nevada Government

State Government

The Nevada Legislature

Ignoring The Problem

"Another legislative session has concluded without a policy to address the billions of dollars worth of unfunded retirement benefits promised to Nevada's public employees."

Paying for government retirees: California bleeds -- and Nevada is on the same path (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Corruption As Usual - With Or Without Terms Limits

"We have consistently opposed term limits because they unfairly stifle voters' choices. We think that Nevadans will come to regret enacting these arbitrary limits."

Limiting voters' choices: Term limits for state lawmakers could be a lobbyist's best friend when 2011 rolls around (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

The Governor Of Nevada

"Gov. Jim Gibbons is being bombarded with phone calls and e-mails from people asking him to veto a homeowners association bill that they contend would give too much power to the associations' boards."

HOA bill's death urged: Some say measure makes associations too strong; others say it is too restrictive (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

From The Office Of The Governor


From The Office Of The Attorney General




State Regulation Of The Mortgage Industry

Trust company up and running: Lawsuit claimed that Trust Company of Pacific embezzled $1.4 million (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Our State's Economy

Nevada foreclosures climb in May (Las Vegas Business Press article)

Local Government

City And County Of Carson

Douglas County being targeted to help fund bus service (Nevada Appeal article)

Delay on redevelopment funds makes sense (Nevada Appeal article)

Clark County

County Affairs

LOOKING IN ON: CLARK COUNTY -- UMC suddenly up $2 million a month (Las Vegas Sun article)

The People's Money

LOOKING IN ON: CITY HALL -- Neon Lights adds billions to downtown projects' total (Las Vegas Sun article)

Hugely Patriotic

Flap over flag just got bigger: Car dealership to challenge decision (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Paging The Mackenzie Brothers

How about visiting Vegas, eh? Tourism group to vote on making push to neighbors to north of U.S. (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Right To Use What You Pay For

Court hears challenge to park codes: ACLU says 'children-only parks' is a violation of First Amendment (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Lyon County

Lyon County rejects water protest funding agreement (Nevada Appeal article)


Nevada Politics

State Democratic Party

The Identity Crisis

Dean: Dems must return to core values (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Sen. Clinton

Dina Titus Endorses Hillary Clinton for President (Jack Wood column, Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals)


Nevada Education Matters

Public Schools

School unaccountability: Federal law provides tutors for struggling schools but no follow - up to chart progress (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Churchill County School District

School board addresses union grievance, school meal increase (Lahontan Valley News article)

Washoe County School District

Washoe schools aim for energy efficiency (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada Water Matters

SNWA The Water Moloch: The More It Takes, The More It Needs

"The authority is now the single largest landholder in White Pine County's Spring Valley, where the agency recently won state permission to pump nearly 20 billion gallons of groundwater a year and pipe it south."

WATER AUTHORITY: Distrust awaits official -- Agency's ranch purchases could drain county coffers (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Lake Mead

LOOKING IN ON: TOURISM -- Lake levels don't keep houseboaters away (Las Vegas Sun article)

Northern Nevada Water Moloch Proposal

"The defeat of legislation that would have created a water authority for the Reno-Sparks area and would have mirrored one in Southern Nevada can be summed up in one word: trust."

Leaders must earn residents' trust (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)


Nevada's Environment

Alternative Energy Sources

Reid rolls out renewable energy bill, touts NAS Fallon geothermal project (Lahontan Valley News article)

At the Lake: How practical is ground up wood for energy? (Tahoe Tribune article)


Nevada Law Enforcement

Clark County Commission Corruption Cases

Nevada's Wretched, Toothless Campaign Finance Laws Again

"The FBI is investigating a 2005 land deal in Arizona involving Boggs, and both agencies, sources said, have an interest in the $5,000 that Boggs received from Chanderraj that didn't show up on a required campaign finance report."

$5,000 may haunt Boggs: Doctor's donation wasn't made out to campaign (Las Vegas Sun article)

$kindustry Regulation

Cheerleading coach boasted of girls, clients, report says (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Billed as the "premier Sugar Daddy dating site," SeekingArrangement is online match making for "wealthy benefactors" and willing women - women who understand there will be no long-term romance, who understand their Sugar Daddy may be married, who understand that sex, and secrecy, is expected."

Wealthy men, willing women: There are 143 Sugar Daddies and 626 Sugar Babies online in Nevada, and they're not apologizing for it (Las Vegas Sun article)


Our Beautiful Region

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

ERIN NEFF: A wondrous slice of Las Vegas history (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

Congresswoman Berkley Praises Opening Of The Springs Preserve (Rep. Berkley Press Release)


Nevada's Past

Tahoe's Thunderbird Lodge shines for public (Nevada Appeal article)


Federal Nevada

Nevada's Congressional Delegation

Sen. Ensign

Ensign refuses to vote no confidence on Gonzales (Las Vegas Sun article)

We just don't get it, and other Quick Hits (Steve Sebelius column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Ensign Helps Block Gonzales No Confidence Resolution (Jack Wood column, Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals)

Sen. Reid

Reid: Attorney General Gonzalez Must Resign (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Reid: Democrats Continue To Pursue Critical Immigration, Energy Reforms (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Democratic Leaders Call On President To Show Greater Leadership On Immigration Reform (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Rep. Berkley


Rep. Porter


National Energy Policy

Senate Democrats offer sweeping energy bill (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Reid: Democrats' Energy Plan Will Strengthen National Security, Economy (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Fraud, Corruption, Waste And Mismanagement

No earmarks for anybody? (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Passport processing problem may be sign of things to come (Reno Gazette-Journal editorial)

Freedom And The Federal Government

Civil Rights

Civil Rights, Wrongs, and the Right Wing Agenda: From Lurita Doan to the Red Foxes (Desert Beacon)

Foreign Affairs

The Continuing Occupation Of Iraq

Reid Calls For Moment of Silence For The More Than 3,500 U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq (Sen. Reid Press Release)

U.S. Plans Permanent Stay in Iraq (Jack Wood column, Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals)


June 13, 2007

[3:55 PM]


Nevada Government

State Government

Legislative Leftovers

Nevada Highways

"An agreement that provided $1 billion to alleviate traffic congestion in Nevada may also give Las Vegas tourism boosters unprecedented influence over funding for new road projects."

CONSTRUCTION: Road plan may spur changes -- Tourism board says deal gives it more say on projects (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Change in road funding law seen as benefit to Lyon, Carson (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Reno might sue over taxes for roads (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

The State Judiciary

Judge finalists women: Joseph Bonaventure's replacement to be chosen by Gibbons (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Despite opposition from a handful of Clark County Democrats, state lawmakers last week approved legislation that could enable White Pine County to obtain funding for its courthouse security needs."

Courthouse security funding still has a chance (Ely Times article)

Inadequate State Regulation Of The Mortgage Industry

"A Clark County district judge on Tuesday refused to delay lawsuits against a defendant in the Southwest Exchange receivership case."

Claims against receivership not delayed (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Gas Up

Gasoline prices fall (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

State Income Tax Proposal

"Nevada voters can be sure that if they're ever foolish enough to void the state's constitutional prohibition on income taxes, any initial levy on the rich will eventually extend a suction hose into virtually every paycheck."

Only for the rich? (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Local Government

Inter-County Cooperation

"The bill coming due for Douglas County over bus service provided by Jump Around Carson illustrates once again the importance of working together."

An opportunity for cooperation (Nevada Appeal editorial)

City And County Of Carson

Confusing Carsons causes inaccurate information (Nevada Appeal article)

Clark County

County Affairs

JOHN L. SMITH: Report on Clark County child welfare system innovative but unworkable (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

LV tourism officials think globally: Agency signs deals to sell city beyond U.S. (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Lake Tahoe Basin

Time to come up with solutions for Incline nuisances (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Sierra Business Council takes on KB controversy (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Lyon County

Attorney General's office finds Lyon commissioners didn't violate law: Former county manager had filed an open-meeting law complaint (Nevada Appeal article)

Washoe County

City Of Reno

Board to decide whether to pursue extension on annexation formula (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

City Of Sparks

Adams misconduct report advises further investigation (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

White Pine County

White Pine room tax may drop 1% (Ely Times article)


Corruption? In Nevada?

"The so-called "Medical Mafia" investigation already has spurred the indictments of a self-described medical consultant and a veteran Las Vegas personal injury attorney, and eventually could snag other well-known local doctors and lawyers in its web."

Kickback case could ensnare well-known doctors, lawyers, judges (Las Vegas Sun article)


Nevada Politics

State Democratic Party

Court evangelicals, Dean says at fundraiser in Reno -- Democrat: Christians want a party to stand for social responsibility (Associated Press article)

Titus endorses Hillary Clinton: State senator to campaign across region (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Jon Ralston on Buckley's leadership in the Assembly and her political future (Las Vegas Sun column)

Democrats hold mock caucus (Lahontan Valley News article)

Local Elections

Churchill County

Voter turnout for city election drops again (Lahontan Valley News article)

White Pine County

Jon Hickman raised 10 times the campaign cash as Ed Spear (Ely Times article)

Forty percent of Ely's voters cast ballots (Ely Times article)

General Political Commentary

"Diversity is a good and necessary goal, among the many of a society like ours. But it has become an overwhelmingly expensive indulgence that we all must go on paying for, more and more, because the silence of our political correctness about diversity has allowed it to shoulder its way to the top of our nation's values."

The quandary in our counting house (Robert Cutts column, Nevada Appeal)

" . . . America, and Incline Village/Crystal Bay, is in the throes of an inequality revolution that exceeds the excesses of the pre-crash roaring twenties. By 2001, 1 percent of the population owned more than a third of our material wealth. The share of gross personal income of the top 1 percent of America's wage earners rose to 17.4 percent in 2005 from 8.2 percent in l980."

Is 'income inequality' an issue? (Andrew Whyman column, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza)


Nevada Education Matters

Public Schools

Clark County School District

Graduation rate for school district's minority students rises (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada Water Matters

SNWA The Water Moloch: The More It Takes, The More It Needs

"We hope the county will be more successful in dealing with the SNWA in the future. So far, SNWA has gotten what it wants, and Ely's got nothing."

As We See It: Baker must get his facts straight (Ely Times editorial)

Cattlemen OK SNWA to join (Nevada Cattlemen's Association press release)


Nevada Health Matters

Emergency Services

Ambulance buyout would pair former rivals (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

West Nile Virus

No West Nile detected . . yet (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)


Nevada Law Enforcement

Sheriff's office joins FBI task force to help battle child prostitution (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Protective order debated in eTreppid case (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada's Environment

White Pine County Coal-Burning Power Plant Proposals

SPR says its plant will be less polluting than LS Power's (Ely Times article)

SPR expects no complaints from GBNP (Ely Times article)

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy - the next big thing (Lahontan Valley News editorial)

Our State's Animal Life

A Would-Be Bear Slayer

Wildlife officials seek bear shooter (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Killed 124 But It's Just A Misdemeanor

Utah man sentenced for poaching Nevada bobcats (Ely Times article)


Our Beautiful Region

Wheeler Peak

A mountain, a tree and Darwin Lambert (Kent Harper column, Ely Times)

Mount Charleston

Big Falls marred by vandals: Forest Service discovers graffiti inside Mount Charleston Wilderness Area (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada Culture

Carson Valley Days

Freedom and prosperity come at a high price (Gardnerville Record-Courier editorial)

Hot August Nights

"Reno Mayor Bob Cashell is blaming the increased presence of Northern California gangs for a decision to close Hot August Nights early on downtown streets this year."

Hot August Nights to end early (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


From The Neon Empire

When Will The Gambling Cartels Start To Pay Their Fair Share Of State Taxes?

Gambling And Politics

"The Reno mayor's son, Rob Cashell Jr., is being courted to run Fitzgeralds hotel-casino downtown if the new owners take over the building as expected on Oct. 31, officials said Tuesday."

Mayor's son courted to run Fitz (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

New Frontier

New Frontier owners to seek funding; hotel to close July 15 (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Jethro's Palace

Zoning change for Hillbilly casino gets continued (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)


Nevada's Past

Historic Dayton

Wells Fargo mural captures Old Town Dayton's rich history (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

The Pony !!!

Fredric Remington illustration [click on image to enlarge]

Pony Express Reride to gallop through Dayton next week (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

In TNO's Reading Room:

Myron Angel, Thompson & West's History Of Nevada (1881), Nevada Mails, Stages And Express

Sam P. Davis, History Of Nevada (1913), The Lawless Element


At the Throttle: 2012 was a great year (Mark Bassett column, Ely Times)


Federal Nevada

In The US Congress

RL34037 - June 08, 2007 "No Confidence" Votes and Other Forms of Congressional Censure of Public Officials June 11, 2007 (Congressional Research Service Report)

National Health Matters

Testimony on the Comparative Effectiveness of Medical Treatments, June 12, 2007 (Congressional Budget Office Transcript)

Long-Term Care Insurance: Partnership Programs Include Benefits That Protect Policyholders and Are Unlikely to Result in Medicaid Savings GAO-07-231, May 11, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

National Environment Matters

Most of Us Still Drive to Work – Alone: Public Transportation Commuters Concentrated in a Handful of Large Cities (US Census Bureau Press Release)

Nuclear Waste: DOE Should Reassess Whether the Bulk Vitrification Demonstration Project at Its Hanford Site Is Still Needed to Treat Radioactive Waste GAO-07-762, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Immigration Reform

Stalled immigration reform: In the face of Republican opposition, immigration bill at impasse in the Senate (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

RL34030 - June 05, 2007 Point Systems for Immigrant Selection: Options and Issues (Congressional Research Service Report)

Administration Purge Of Corruption-Fighting US Attorneys

"The White House cannot have it both ways," said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy. "It cannot stonewall congressional investigations by refusing to provide documents and witnesses, while claiming nothing improper occurred."

Former White House officials subpoenaed in U.S. attorney inquiry (Los Angeles Times article)

The 2007 Farm Bill

"The underlying question is why we need to continue a massive federal bailout that has been striving since 1919 to maintain an (inflation adjusted) artificial price structure that developed when the wheat fields of Europe were taken out of production and America was expected to "feed the world" because there was a little war on."

Farmers at the trough: Department of Agriculture a thinly veiled sugar daddy (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

RL34036 - June 05, 2007 Dairy Policy and the 2007 Farm Bill (Congressional Research Service Report)

Fraud, Corruption, Waste And Mismanagement

Human Capital: Bonuses to Senior Executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs GAO-07-985T, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Emergency Preparation

RS22674 - June 08, 2007 National Continuity Policy: A Brief Overview (Congressional Research Service Report)

Emergency Management: Most School Districts Have Developed Emergency Management Plans, but Would Benefit from Additional Federal Guidance GAO-07-609, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Admiral: Bureaucracy Hampers Terror War (Associated Press article)

Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism Law Enforcement Summit (US Justice Department Press Release)

Department of Homeland Security: Progress and Challenges in Implementing the Department's Acquisition Oversight Plan GAO-07-900, June 13, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

National Flood Insurance Program: Preliminary Views on FEMA's Ability to Ensure Accurate Payments on Hurricane-Damaged Properties GAO-07-991T, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Freedom And The Federal Government

Treatment Of Persons Detained By US Authorities

U.S. Prisoner Leaves Afghanistan (Associated Press article)

U.S. Probing Apparent Gitmo Suicide (Associated Press article)

From The Office Of The President

Jun. 13, 2007 Press Briefing by Tony Snow (White House website)

Jun. 12, 2007 Press Briefing by Tony Snow (White House website)

Bush: Lessons of Communism Apply in Confronting Terrorism Today (American Forces Press Service article)

Our Nation's Armed Forces

Gates Discusses Iran, Samarra Bombing, European Missile Defense (American Forces Press Service article)

06/13/2007: DoD Press Briefing with Lt. Gen. Dempsey from the Pentagon Briefing Room, Arlington, Va (US Defense Department website)

Peacekeeping: Observations on Costs, Strengths, and Limitations of U.S. and UN Operations GAO-07-998T, June 13, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Pace Reinforces Noncommissioned Officers’ Impact on Force (American Forces Press Service article)

Marines drank tainted water for 30 years: CDC (Reuters article)

Defense Health Care: Issues Related to Past Drinking Water Contamination at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune GAO-07-933T, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Foreign Affairs

Allies Cited for Human Trafficking: State Dept. Adds Arab Nations to List of Worst Offenders (Washington Post article)


RS22675 - June 08, 2007 Armenia's Legislative Election: Outcome and Implications for U.S. Interests (Congressional Research Service Report)

The European Union

RS22673 - June 07, 2007 Chemical Regulation in the European Union: Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (Congressional Research Service Report)

The Continuing Occupation Of Afghanistan

Afghan, Coalition Enlisted Leaders Hold Seminar (American Forces Press Service article)

More Than 24 Enemy Fighters Killed in Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service article)

The Continuing Occupation Of Iraq

In Nevada

Hundreds attend funeral for Valley soldier killed in action (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Combat veterans support group starts in Fallon (Lahontan Valley News article)

Sleeping with the enemy: U.S. military takes a risk by enlisting Sunni insurgents into the war being waged in Iraq (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

From Washington, DC

Reid: Dems raised the bar too high on war -- He says he understands mounting frustration (Las Vegas Sun article)

From The Battlefield

Explosions Destroy Minarets at Golden Mosque; U.S. Officials Condemn Attack (American Forces Press Service article)

Growth in Iraqi Forces Will Ensure Training Depth, Unity, General Says (American Forces Press Service article)

Eleven Terrorists Held; Bomb-Making Factory Seized in Iraq (American Forces Press Service article)

Defense Department Identifies Casualties (American Forces Press Service article)

CENTCOM Advisor: Extended Deployments Set Growth Conditions in Iraq (American Forces Press Service article)

Officials Reach for Realistic Targets for Iraq’s Electric Supply (American Forces Press Service article)

Leadership Crucial to Developing Iraqi Security Forces (American Forces Press Service article)

Big Boost In Iraqi Forces Is Urged: A Top General Sees Years Before U.S. Ends Security Role (Washington Post article)

"Iraq’s political leaders have failed to reach agreements on nearly every law that the Americans have demanded as benchmarks, despite heavy pressure from Congress, the White House and top military commanders."

Iraqis Are Failing to Meet U.S. Benchmarks (New York Times article)

Adviser Worried About Iraqi Oil Deal (Associated Press article)


Mexico to Try 19 Military Personnel in Civilian Shootings (Voice of America report)

Mexico lawmaker shot dead in violent business city (Reuters article)

A Federal Reader

Talking Books for the Blind GAO-07-871R, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

RL34034 - June 05, 2007 Former Presidents: Federal Expenditures for Pensions, Office Allowances, and Protection (Congressional Research Service Report)

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board: Due Diligence Over Administrative Expenses Should Continue and Be Broadened GAO-07-541, May 14, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

Human Capital: Greater Focus on Results in Telework Programs Needed GAO-07-1002T, June 12, 2007 (Government Accountability Office Report)

RL34032 - June 06, 2007 District of Columbia Budget Autonomy: An Analysis of H.R. 733, 110th Congress (Congressional Research Service Report)

RS22676 - June 11, 2007 Public Transportation Providers' Obligations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (Congressional Research Service Report)


June 14-15, 2007


The new edition of The Nevada Observer is now up and ready for reading.  Take a look at the middle column for our articles and features. 

Nevada Government

State Government

The Nevada Legislature

State OKs $267 million for prisons, universities (Nevada Appeal article)

Empowerment: Jim Gibbons brought legislative Democrats back to life (Reno News & Review article)

First termer: David Bobzien talks about his experience as a first-term legislator (Reno News & Review interview)

Nevada Highways

Southern Nevada roads getting $33.9 million in state maintenance work (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Impose Impact Fees On Local Developers

"Without naming names, a fiery Goodman said at his morning mayoral news conference that the legislation producing $1 billion for new road work was 'irresponsible' and 'gutless.'"

Mayor rides roughshod over roads, rails: Goodman blasts highway funds as inadequate, rail plan as pipe dream (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Everybody has concurred that we haven't seen the last of the debate over funding transportation and the governor's shortcut could ultimately cost taxpayers even more than experts initially told us."

Tourism and Gaming: Gibbons' plan: Penny wise, pavement foolish (In Business Las Vegas article)

Billions for roads, Erik Holland cartoon [click on image to enlarge]

"Transportation officials want to sharply increase fees paid by developers for road projects, which builders say could drive up the cost of new homes and further damage an ailing housing industry."

Who foots the bill for our new roads? (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

"Once again, the classic parochial parlor game has erupted into a geographic version of a 2-year-old's temper tantrum. The city of Reno is considering suing the state to avoid what it deems an unconstitutional tax grab."

ERIN NEFF: Road to ruin (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

The Governor Of Nevada

Governor signs record $7 billion in Nevada budget bills (Associated Press article)

GIBBONS SIGNS LAW: Legal chokehold on meth epidemic -- State restricts cold, cough syrup sales (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Nev. governor signs anti-meth bill, limits sales of medicines (Associated Press article)

Governor Gibbons Signs Assembly Bill 148: Legislation Includes Provisions to Limit Sales of Products Used to Create Meth (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Gibbons has hours to decide on HOAs: Bill's pros and cons flood in from valley's residents (Las Vegas Sun article)

Governor to Sign Bills that Crack Down on Sex Offenders and Improve Education System (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Governor Gibbons Signs Bill to Provide Greater Protection for Nevada Homeowners (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

Gibbons signs 155 bills into law; about 50 left for his OK or veto (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Of all the post-mortems penned about Session '07, I have yet to see one that points out how one of the great pre-legislative assumptions proved unfounded: The Northern Governor."

Jon Ralston on Politics: Southern surprise (In Business Las Vegas column)

The State Judiciary

Court backs rulings against open meeting law challenger (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Supreme Court clarifies Internet predator law (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Supreme Court upholds Internet child sex conviction: Decision rules man unlawfully attempted to contact a child (Nevada Appeal article)

Nevada's Wretched, Toothless Campaign Finance Laws

"A total of 20 candidates will soon receive a second notice that they owe the Secretary of State's office fines for not filing, or filing late, their contribution and expense reports."

Former candidates get second warning on fines (Nevada Appeal article)

Ballot Initiatives

Ballot burden: Nevada’s attempts to use constitutional change to reform the legislature have seldom worked as intended (Reno News & Review article)

Our State's Economy

Nevada's rise in home foreclosures leads nation (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Speculation spurs spike in Nevada foreclosures (In Business Las Vegas article)

Nevada Tax Commission

"A Reno attorney who represents the state Tax Commission contends that recent changes to the open meeting law support his view that the group violated no law in awarding a $40 million tax rebate to Southern California Edison."

Changes in law change nothing, attorney contends: Meeting of Tax Commission under scrutiny (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Without access to their government -- especially on matters of taxation -- citizens cannot trust that their rights are being protected. They'll begin to believe that other citizens and entities are receiving special treatment at their expense. That's a recipe for revolution."

Flouting the law (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Public Employees Retirement System

Sudan issue comes home: Gov. Gibbons calls for state to stop Sudan investments (Reno News & Review article)

"Everybody's got an ax to grind. Once we accommodate the first cause du jour, how do we say no to the next, and the next?"

Linking investment to Darfur genocide: Yanking PERS capital would put state on slippery slope (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

PERS should get rid of Sudan investments (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Nevada Commission on Tourism

State settles sexual harassment suit for $450,000 (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

State settles harassment, retaliation complaint (Nevada Appeal article)

Local Government

The City And County Of Carson

Clear Creek highway exchange project nearing completion: Ramps to open within days, entire road in several weeks (Nevada Appeal article)

More questions, more money? Douglas County not totally against helping pay for JAC (Nevada Appeal article)

Clark County

Dead Kids

JOHN L. SMITH: Study increases scrutiny of Child Haven's role in social service system (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

The Real Estate Market

Affordability drives density (In Business Las Vegas article)

Real Estate and Development: Rising apartment rents may signal housing rebound (In Business Las Vegas article)

Banking and Marketing: Real estate market to get worse before getting better (In Business Las Vegas article)


April visitor tally shows slight increase (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Urban Renewal

Poker Dome's pullout leaves Neonopolis a house of cards (Las Vegas Sun article)

Douglas County

Green development approved (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Lake Tahoe Basin

Sand Harbor celebrates grand opening (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

County denies Cal Neva appeal (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Decision on nonprofit use of IVGID facilities delayed (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)


IVGID looks to blue bags (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza article)

Lincoln County

Lincoln County, Caliente share disaster money: $1.5 million to help with 2005 flood damage (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Board approves funds to keep water flowing in Lincoln County (Nevada Appeal article)

Lyon County

Silver Springs residents support GID board (Nevada Appeal article)

Meeting to focus on future of Silver Springs GID board: Public hearing planned on ordinance dissolving board (Nevada Appeal article)

Mineral County

Headed For Hawthorne

Army ammunition convoys pass through the region (Lahontan Valley News article)

Nye County

"The gun ban would forbid people to enter the community center during commissioner, town board, and regional planning commission meetings."

Proposed gun ban shoots blanks (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Six sites for detention facility? (Pahrump Valley Times article)

RPC to act on zoning map today (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Storey County

Mark Twain residents oppose power station (Nevada Appeal article)

Mark Twain power substation meeting set for Thursday: Power company says new maps will help residents see route of planned line (Nevada Appeal article)

Washoe County

Urban Renewal

The right to remain silent: If the city of Reno wants the Holland Project to tone down the noise, maybe they should look at other operations, too (Reno News & Review editorial)

Flood Control

Flood-control measure OK'd (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

The Real Estate Market

Washoe County foreclosures rise (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Council OKs purchase of Reno YMCA property (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Party Houses

Reno City Council mulls new party house rules (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada Politics

State Democratic Party

Endorsements carry weight, just not votes (Las Vegas Sun article)

Sen. Obama

Obama's wife offers praise of Silver State: Mother of two pitches husband for president (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Gov. Richardson

Candidate Richardson gets face time (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Richardson outlines education reforms in North Las Vegas (Associated Press article)

The Mayor Of Las Vegas

"Goodman says he is so well liked that a movement is underway to eliminate term limits in Las Vegas so he can continue to sit on the throne."

 Made to Be Mayor (WLS-TV report)

Local Elections

New election date would be good for Fallon (Rick Swart column, Lahontan Valley News)


Nevada Education Matters

Higher Education

The Chancellor And The Regents

Love him or loathe him: Colleagues have their say, anonymously, about chancellor (Las Vegas Sun article)

New Clout

LOOKING IN ON: HIGHER EDUCATION -- New professors add clout to UNLV, from the Ivy League and beyond (Las Vegas Sun article)


UNLV gets donations, without cut off the top (Las Vegas Sun article)

Public Schools

Churchill County School District

School is out but school district not out of appreciation for our community (Carolyn Ross column, Lahontan Valley News)

Clark County School District

"What good is a 100 percent graduation rate if a diploma represents weak skills and proficiencies? High school graduation should be an achievement, not an entitlement."

The 'pinnacle measure': Graduation rates not as important as the value of a diploma (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

'POWERFUL INDICATORS': Results cause for optimism -- Rulffes applauds test scores at empowerment schools (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Empowered schools score higher marks (Las Vegas Sun article)

"By the time this bill came out it was too late for anyone to really review it or get these types of questions answered," Horsford said. "The education budget was not out first, it moved in the last minutes of the session, as it always does."

Empowerment money mystery: Clark County schools surprised by loss of $1.7 million (Las Vegas Sun article)

Lack of empowerment: State drops the ball, forcing Clark County schools to expand program without funding (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Hostel CCSD (Chip Mosher column, Las Vegas CityLife)

Douglas County School District

Jacks Valley celebrates America from A to Z (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Tutoring program spells success (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)


Nevada Law Enforcement

State Homeland Security Fusion Centers

"The chairman of the Nevada Homeland Security Commission expressed concern Wednesday about the state's lagging efforts to create a communication system that would allow all emergency agencies in the state to talk with each other."

HOMELAND SECURITY COMMISSION: Emergency plan lagging -- Communication problems remain six years after 9/11 (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Sheriff to talk the talk with Gibbons -- In question: Terror center in Carson City (Las Vegas Sun article)

"'It's very sad and concerning to me the legislative body had so limited information,' said Dale Carrison, commission chairman."

Homeland Security Commission gets fusion center update (Nevada Appeal article)

CCSN Investigation

CCSN plans no action in case -- Carpenter: School has no basis for legal steps against construction chief (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Files seized at CCSN campuses: Construction contracting inquiry's focus (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

"Employees accused Gilbert of directing multiple $400,000 college contracts to certain subcontractors in exchange for their working on his 4-acre estate for free or at reduced cost. Employees also said Gilbert was using college material, equipment and employees at the property. Gilbert then intimidated employees who tried to speak out about those practices, they said."

Raid sweeps through CCSN offices: Papers, computers seized in investigation linked to construction chief (Las Vegas Sun article)

"Carpenter says the college conducted an internal investigation, but found no evidence on which to take any legal action against Gilbert. We believe the allegations are serious enough to warrant more than an internal investigation. Taking Carpenter's word is not enough. The attorney general's office is right to be conducting an independent probe."

It's time for answers: Tight-lipped college officials forced by attorney general to surrender documents (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Youth Gangs

"'These are not underprivileged kids. Some live in gated communities,' Young said. "Some of these kids don't have a basic respect for human life.' They also have no fear of the juvenile justice system, Young said. In some cases, teens have been arrested at 3 p.m. and have been out robbing again by midnight, he said."

SOUTHWEST VALLEY: Police tell of gangs on spree -- Youths act as 'packs of rabid dogs' in violent robberies (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Solutions sought for Carson's gang problem: Grants will pay overtime to help get deputies on the streets, and improve gang awareness education for parents (Nevada Appeal article)

Grants are welcome news in the battle against gangs (Nevada Appeal editorial)

"Hot August Nights is the biggest special event hosted by the city of Reno, and it must be protected."

End the late-night party early to protect HAN from problems (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Clark County Commission Corruption Cases

Ms. High-and-Mighty had it coming (George Knapp column, Las Vegas CityLife)

$kindustry Regulation

"Certainly, there is nothing new about "Sugar Daddies" or "Sugar Mommies" lavishing gifts and money on young women and men in exchange for companionship. But's brazen advertisement of what it is hawking is astonishing - even by Las Vegas adult entertainment standards."

Looking for Mr. Right Now: Web site brings young beauties to wealthy men for right price and wrong reasons (Las Vegas Sun editorial)

Administration Purge Of Corruption-Fighting US Attorneys

Offer to Bogden covered 17 different cities in U.S.: Ex-U.S. attorney for Nevada did not pursue post as immigration judge (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)


Nevada Health Matters

Whatever Happened To The Anti-Trust Laws?

Governor Gibbons Calls for Additional Public Hearings on Merger of Sierra Health Services and UnitedHealth Group (Gov. Gibbons Press Release)

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS: Sides debate merits of buyout -- UnitedHealth Group offering $2.6 billion for Sierra Health (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Medicare Cuts

Health Care and Workplace: Medicare cuts might put Nevadans in world of hurt (In Business Las Vegas article)

Nevada: 46th Best State For Health Care Access

"Nevadans have less of a chance of living longer lives than people in most other states because fewer residents are insured and the state's overall quality of health care is low, according to a national health scorecard."

Report: Nevada trails in health access (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Measuring Health System Performance: How the States Stack Up (Commonwealth Fund report)

Doctoring the system (Meredith McGhan column, Las Vegas CityLife)


Nevada's Environment

The Air

"Las Vegans can start breathing easier late next year."

UTILITIES: Pollution cut ahead for plant -- Nevada Power Co. to curtail valley power station emissions (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Apicultural Apocalypse

Beekeepers stung by disease: A Nevada beekeeper talks about puzzling disappearance of the bee population (Reno News & Review article)

Green Building

"LAS VEGAS IS KNOWN BY MANY NAMES -- "SIN CITY" AND "NEON JUNGLE" -- but could there be another title waiting in the wings? Along with the other municipalities in the valley, Las Vegas is following in the footsteps of green cities such as Seattle and San Francisco to launch programs and policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and do more for the environment."

Green-light district (Las Vegas CityLife article)

Alternative Energy

Solar plant not ready for commercial use, utilities say: Nevada Solar One generating sporadically (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Prison power plant fires up next month: Project will heat and power correctional center (Nevada Appeal article)


Nevada Culture

The Desert Blooms

Tour to showcase local gardens (Lahontan Valley News article)

Rodeo !

Cowboys, cowgirls mosey into town (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


From The Neon Empire

When Will The Gambling Cartels Start To Pay Their Fair Share Of State Taxes?

RSCVA seeks data on hotel occupancy (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

Bad hand: Suspensions, write-ups and hostility: newly unionized Wynn dealers say management is out for revenge (Las Vegas CityLife article)

A glimmer of gold for downtown: Golden Nugget reports first-quarter profit rise (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Project proponents hope reshuffle will result in approval (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Hillbillies casino zone change pushed back to July (Nevada Appeal article)

Baer’s 'Hillbillies’ casino plan stirs emotions before tie vote (Reno Gazette-Journal article)


Nevada's Past

Historic Dayton

Chances abound to learn about Dayton history (Nevada Appeal article)

In TNO's Reading Room:

Fanny G. Hazlett, Historical Sketch and Reminiscences of Dayton, Nevada (1910)

The Pony Express

Genoa in 1859 [click on image to enlarge]

Pony Express Re-ride in Genoa Wednesday (Gardnerville Record-Courier article)

Pony Express Reride to gallop through Genoa next week (Reno Gazette-Journal article)

In TNO's Reading Room:

Myron Angel, Thompson & West's History Of Nevada (1881), Nevada Mails, Stages And Express

Sam P. Davis, History Of Nevada (1913), The Lawless Element

Buckland Station

Buckland Station: hiking the tracks of the Pony Express -- Stroll along the Carson River, then path of history (Nevada Appeal article)

In TNO's Reading Room:

Myron Angel, Thompson & West's History Of Nevada (1881), History of Lyon County

Life in Churchill and Lyon Counties: A Newspaper Scrapbook 1865-1899, Part 2 (1880-1884)

Newly-Historic Tavern

Sparks Coney Island added to historic list (Associated Press article)


Federal Nevada

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump Project

Nuclear security group acts: High number of fires expected (Pahrump Valley Times article)

Reid Denounces DOE For Using State Water To Drill At Yucca Mountain (Sen. Reid Press Release)

"The Department of Energy is using the state's water to drill bore holes at the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site, a use the state engineer's office calls 'unacceptable' and a state oversight agency calls 'stealing.'"

Water use faces challenge: Federal agency drilling at Yucca Mountain (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Nevada's Congressional Delegation

Nevada senators disclose income, assets (Associated Press article)

Sen. Ensign


Ensign opposes energy proposal by Democrats: Republican says more domestic supply needed (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Committee seat sought by Ensign (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Stop being a tool, John Ensign! (Las Vegas CityLife editorial)

Ensign Educates the GOP (Nevada Up North)

Ask John Ensign: The NRSC Guide to Blogs and Bloggers (Desert Beacon)

Sen. Reid

His Criticism Of Generals Pace And Petraeus

Reid labels military leader 'incompetent' (The Politico article)

Reid comments on Pace, Petraeus cause a ruckus (John Bresnahan column, The Politico)

Reid sets off firestorm with criticism of Pace (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Reid once again whips up political world: D.C. and blogs want to know if he called Pace 'incompetent' (Las Vegas Sun article)

Reid, Pelosi Call On President To Listen To The Will Of The American People On Iraq (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Other Matters

Reid: Democrats Moving Forward On Important Energy, Immigration Reforms (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Reid, McConnell Statement On Immigration Bill (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Democratic Leaders Call On President To Show Greater Leadership On Immigration Reform (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Reid Cosponsors Bill To Support Troops, Veterans, And Their Families: Tax relief for home buying, combat pay, retirement savings (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Reid: Nevada National Guard More Prepared Than Most States: USA Today reports Nevada National Guard at 90% preparedness level (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Reid Discusses National Renewable Portfolio Standard (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Reid Meets With Students From Clark County (Sen. Reid Press Release)

Rep. Berkley


Homeland security bill would increase grants (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Rep. Heller

Heller Joins Anti-Tax Advocates to Fight Tax Increases (Rep. Heller Press Release)

Nevada's Heller reports assets of more than $2 million: Bulk of investments are in property and municipal bonds (Las Vegas Review-Journal article)

Rep. Porter

Jon Ralston wonders who will face Porter, and some other tidbits (Las Vegas Sun column)

National Environment Matters

Save the owls! (Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial)

Freedom And The Federal Government

Treatment Of Persons Detained By US Authorities

"It is time to give the detainees their fair day in court."

Basic rights for detainees: Colin Powell issues a new call to give Guantanamo detainees the right to a fair trial (Las Vegas Sun editorial)